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Bulent Mutus
, PhD, Professor and Head, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry.
BSc 1975, U Waterloo;
MSc 1977, U Waterloo;
PhD 1981, U Manitoba


Adam Faccenda,
PhD Candidate
BSc 2006, U WIndsor
Research Projects: The use of gold nano particles to enhance for thiol peptides in proteomics; Direct, kinetic assays for sulphide; Cross-talk between NO and H2S signalling pathways.


Artur Jarosz,
PhD Candidate
BSc 2008, U Windsor
Research Projects: Proteomic identification of the site of S-nitrosylation and S-sulfhydration; Nitric oxide releasing nano-composites for wound healing applications; Nano particle-based kinetic assays for sulphide.


Bei-Lee Sun,
PhD Candidate
BSc 2010, U Windsor
Research Projects: Role of Sphingomyelinase in protecting breast cancer cells against cellular stressors; Structure-function relationships in neutral sphingomyelinase.


Terence Yep.

BSc 2011, U Windsor, MSc Candidate
Biopolymer based filtration units for removal of nutrients from
agri-generated wastewater.


Hyder Ali Khan

MSc Candidate-
Assessing the role of the CXXC domain in several proteins.


Itunu Adekoya
4th Year Thesis Candidate-
A new fluorogenic substrate for GSNO reductase.

Kathleen Fontana
Outstanding Scholar-
Nitrate and phosphate removal form wastewater by algae-chitosan complexes.


Cody Caba
4th Year Thesis Candidate-
Investigating the role of charged residues at the N-terminal of the -CXXC- domain in protein disulphide isomerase.


Bianca Dubovan
Mutation of protein disulphide isomerase active site domains.